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We're currently unable to receive inbound calls to our Council Tax or Housing Benefits call centre. Please call 01507 601111 in the meantime.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

If you are on a low income you may be entitled to claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support.

Housing Benefit can pay for all or part of your rent. The amount you will get depends on your income and circumstances.

Council Tax Support (formerly Council Tax Benefit) is a reduction in your Council Tax bill based on your income and circumstances.

How do I claim it?


If there has been a good reason which stopped or delayed you applying for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, then you can ask for your application to be backdated.

For working age customers (under the qualifying age for State Pension):

We can backdate your claim for up to one month before the date of your backdate request. You must have good reasons for not claiming sooner. The good reasons must last throughout the whole period that you are asking your application to be backdated for.

For Pension Age customers (those who have reached the qualifying age for State Pension):

We can sometimes start your claim for up to three months before the date we received your application. You do not have to request this, and do not have to give us reasons

To find out if you are entitled to Council Tax Support please use the East Lindsey Council Tax Support Calculator

How long will my claim take?

We aim to process your claim as quickly as possible. The quicker you provide all the information we need, the quicker you will receive your money.

View your benefit claim online

You can log in to 'My Services' to see

  • How much you are getting
  • How we have worked this out
  • When your next payment will be made
  • The date and amounts of payments already made
  • Letters we have sent you
  • Overpayments that have been billed to you

To find out if you are entitled to any other benefits please use the East Lindsey Benefit Calculator

Discretionary Housing Payments:

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) are extra payments of Housing Benefit.

If your Housing Benefit is less than the full amount of rent that you pay you may be eligible to claim one.

To request a form please contact us on: 01507 601111.


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