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Senior Salaries

We believe that it is important to be open and transparent about what we pay our Senior Officers. You can view the salaries of all Officers who receive more than £50,000 per year.

As part of our complex organisation, Officers are collectively responsible for an annual expenditure of more than £80million (2015/16) and for the delivery of hundreds of services in England's third largest District, covering 700sq miles.

We are proud to consistently levy the lowest Council Tax rate in Lincolnshire, and one of the lowest in England, while still offering local people excellent value for money by providing some of the best services possible.

Here are salaries of Officers who are paid more than £50,000 per year: 

Stuart Davy
Chief Executive
Salary: £107,111

Robert Barlow (Robert is shared between East Lindsey District Council (50%) and Boston Borough Council (50%)).
Deputy Chief Executive / S.151
Salary: £87,969

Alison Penn
Salary: £73,736

Semantha Neal
Assistant Director (People Protection)
Salary: £61,470

Victoria Burgess
Assistant Director (Place)
Salary: £61,470

Gary Sargeant
Assistant Director (Growth)
Salary: £61,470  

We also publish further details about our Senior Managers in our Council Organisation Chart and under Key Contacts.

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