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Selling to the Public Sector

We are always looking for new as well as existing suppliers who can assist us in providing an improved service to our customers.

We procure many goods, works and services, and want to help suppliers and contractors when quoting or tendering for contracts, understand the processes by which we do business and how we select and award contracts.

To help we have created the following information:

  • Selling to the Council Guide - we want to make it easy for potential suppliers to do business with us. We have therefore produced guidance notes to explain our internal rules and the legislation which we have to observe;
  • Register of contract opportunities details of contracts; and; 
  • Sustainable Procurement Strategy.

As a public authority we have a duty to operate in an open and transparent way by allowing all suppliers the freedom to trade with us. Our procedures for purchasing are known as Contract Procedure Rules and are important because they:

  • Provide an auditable framework for our procurement activities;
  • Help us to obtain value for money so that we, in turn, can provide value for money services to the public;
  • Ensure we comply with the law governing the spending of public money; and; 
  • Give protection to staff and members from undue criticism or allegation of wrongdoing.

We also have a legal requirement to comply with current EU Directives. These are enforced in UK law through the Public Contract Regulations. This legislation governs the way the public sector procurement process must be conducted for contracts over certain specified thresholds.

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