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  • Parish councils
  • Parking
    • Car Park Closures

      Occasionally, some of our parking locations are closed or have restrictions on them. This could be for resurfacing works or events.

    • Car Park Gritting Programme

      During periods of snow and ice we aim to keep key Car Parks clear from snow and ice.

    • Car Parking Review 2016/17

      Over recent months, we have undertaken a detailed review of our off-street parking provision.

    • Chapter 11 Evidence - Transport and Accessibility

      Below you will find supporting evidence for Chapter Eleven - Transport and Accessibility.

    • Duncan Hollingworth

      Buildings & Property Service Manager

    • Leafleting in Car Parks

      We don't allow leafleting in any of the Car Parks we operate.

    • Louth

    • Mablethorpe

    • Manby

    • Market Days

      We organise markets each week in Horncastle, Louth and Spilsby.

    • Mipermit - Cashless Parking

      Parking, especially Pay & Display parking, can be a laborious yet necessary task. Often you end up stood in a queue at the machine, counting the coins in your hand and hoping you have the correct amount or you'll get no change from the machine, or even worse you may not have enough to buy the parking you really need.

    • Parking Information

      We operate pay and display car parks at various locations throughout the District. Anyone using our parking facilities must park in accordance with the current Parking Order.

    • Premises Reviews

    • Skegness

  • Pests and pest control
    • Pest Control

      We do not offer a pest control service. If you require this service please check the Yellow Pages or local press for details of suitable local companies.

    • Planning Conditions

      A conditional approval requires certain things to be carried out in order for the development to be lawful. A standard time limit is often added by condition, which usually gives 3 years to start building the development. <br /><br />Conditions may be added to control the type of materials to be used, to control the use of a building, or to control who uses a building.

  • Pet Shop

    A Pet Shop is defined as any premises (including a private house) which is used to carry on a business of selling animals as pets.

  • Planning (town and country)
    • Building Control

      Welcome to the Lincs Building Consultancy web pages. We deliver the Building Control service for East Lindsey District Council.

    • Building Control Enforcement Policy

      This Enforcement Policy clearly illustrates a structured approach to the way that Lincs Building Consultancy intends to deal with Building Control enforcement.<br />

    • Greater Lincolnshire LEP Development Charter

      The Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is a public/private sector partnership whose aim is sustainable economic growth. The Partnership's priorities are improving infrastructure and securing and improving conditions for business in Lincolnshire. The Charter sets out principles for both Councils and developers and their agents.

    • High Hedges

      Where there is a neighbour dispute about a high evergreen/semi-evergreen hedge, the Council's Planning Enforcement Team deal with enquiries/applications under Part 8 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003.

    • Planning Conditions

      A conditional approval requires certain things to be carried out in order for the development to be lawful. A standard time limit is often added by condition, which usually gives 3 years to start building the development. <br /><br />Conditions may be added to control the type of materials to be used, to control the use of a building, or to control who uses a building.

    • Planning Enforcement

      We investigate all breaches of planning control where development has taken place before the necessary planning approval has been granted.

    • Retail Studies

      We have undertaken a number of retail studies in the district. These assess things such as shopping trends and future shopping needs.

  • Planning applications
    • Altering a House

      There are certain things that you can do to your house that do not require planning permission. This can include building extensions, putting up a shed, putting up a fence or building a wall. However there are many rules that control this.

    • Chapter 09 Evidence - Inland Flood Risk

      Below you will find supporting evidence for Chapter Nine - Inland Flood Risk.

    • Chris Panton

      Development Control Service Manager (Head of Planning)

    • Consultation and Notification

      For most planning applications a yellow site notice will be put up. The planning officer will put this up near to the entrance to the site. The yellow site notice will give details of the planning application. It will tell you what to do if you have anything to say about the application. <br /><br />We also advertise certain types of application in the local paper. This can include applications that affect listed buildings, protected trees and conservation areas.

    • Deciding Planning Applications

      The Scheme of Delegation sets out who has the responsibility for deciding your planning application. This applies to planning applications such as Listed Building Consent, Advertisement consent and some other types of application.

    • Design and Access

      We are always working towards getting higher standards of design for new development in the District. This is supported by national, regional and local policy. <br /><br />To try and achieve this, some types of planning application must have a Design and Access Statement with them.

    • Landscape Character Assessment

      Consultation on the draft Landscape Character Assessment took place in early 2009.

    • Planning

      We deal with most types of planning applications, from validation to decision. However, a small number are dealt with by Lincolnshire County Council, including mining and waste applications and those which relate to schools.

    • Planning Fees

      We charge a fee for dealing with most types of planning applications.

    • Planning Notices

      Here are details of the planning applications we've publicised in local newspapers.

    • Pre-application Advice

      You can get advice from a planning officer if you are thinking of making a planning application. This lets you find out whether we are likely to support your application, before you submit it.

    • Search, View and Comment on Planning Application

      We offer a number of online services

    • Section 106 Obligations

      Section 106 (S106) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 allows a local planning authority (LPA) to enter into a legally-binding agreement or planning obligation with a landowner in association with the granting of planning permission. The obligation is termed a Section 106 Agreement.

    • Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

    • Sustainability Appraisal for Holiday Development in Flood Risk Areas

      This guidance note has been produced to assist those wishing to submit planning applications for the development of caravan sites within the area defined as Coastal Flood Risk in the District of East Lindsey. It is hoped that by providing guidance on what is required to accompany this type of application it will speed up the determination process. <br />

  • Playgrounds
    • Parks and Play Areas

      We provide and maintain many parks and play areas across the district for you to use and enjoy. Details of the main sites are listed below but we also provide a large number of other areas of public open space, recreation grounds and smaller parks.

  • Police
    • CCTV

      We work in partnership with Lincolnshire Police and local Town Councils to provide CCTV coverage throughout the area to make our district a safer place in which to live, work and visit.

    • Consultations we have responded to

      Please find below a list of consultations we have responded to on behalf of the community. The responses without a document link, will be available to view online via the consultation provider.

    • John Medler

      Corporate Support Service Manager

    • Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel

      The Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel has an important job in scrutinising the actions of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire. <br /><br />

    • Police and Crime Commissioners Elections

      Police and Crime Commissioners Elections results<br /><br />

    • Prevent/Counter Terrorism

      The Counter Terrorism strategy involves many organisations, including the Police, emergency services, local authorities, businesses, voluntary and community organisations and other partners - working together across the UK to protect the public.

  • Premises Reviews

  • Premises to let
    • Completion Notices

      Completion Notices are issued on commercial properties, either newly built or those nearing structural completion.

    • Smoke Pollution

      Smoke from burning can cause a Statutory Nuisance if not conducted responsibly and can ultimately result in court action and fines.

  • Pre-school learning
    • Financial Statements

      There is an ever-increasing drive towards open data in government. We take our responsibilities for openness seriously and will actively strive to publish information that's relevant to your needs.

  • Privacy and data protection
    • Data and Information

    • Data Protection Act

      The Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 applies to any organisations which hold and process personal information. The act is designed to protect against the misuse of personal data.

    • Emma Bee

      Audit and Information Governance Service Manager (Head of Internal Audit)

    • Privacy Statement

      Information about us and our website and the information that we collect.

  • Privacy Statement

    Information about us and our website and the information that we collect.

  • Private rented accommodation
  • Proxy voting
  • Public Sector

    Vacancies in other public sector bodies throughout Lincolnshire.

  • Selling to the Public Sector

    We are always looking for new as well as existing suppliers who can assist us in providing an improved service to our customers.

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