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Lincs Building Consultancy Guidance Notes

We realise that Building Regulations can sometimes be confusing and complex, and therefore we have produced these handy guides to help you to make sure your work complies with the Building Regulations:-

001  pdf icon Replacement windows [97kb]

002  pdf icon Drainage and Waste Disposal [82kb] 

004  pdf icon Are you considering a new conservatory [73kb]

005  pdf icon Manifestation of glazing in non-domestic buildings [81kb]

006  pdf icon Do I need building regulations approval [93kb]

007  pdf icon Loft conversions [170kb]

008  pdf icon Septic tanks for dwellings [110kb]

009  pdf icon Smoke alarms in dwellings [98kb]

010  pdf icon Circulation switches and sockets [89kb]

012  pdf icon WC provision in entrance storey (PDF, 67KB) [77kb]

013  pdf icon Ceilings - timber sizes and construction [86kb]

014  pdf icon Flat roof timber sizes and construction [251kb]

015  pdf icon Location of notches and holes [75kb]

016  pdf icon Fire signage [94kb]

017  pdf icon Fire plans [86kb]

018  pdf icon Timber upper floors [77kb]

019  pdf icon Gas flue terminals [81kb]

020  pdf icon Lateral restraint to wall at roof level [118kb]

021  pdf icon Proportion for masonry chimneys above roof surface [70kb]

022  pdf icon Tradition underpinning [102kb]

023  pdf icon Cold bridges [194kb]

024  pdf icon Height and stability of chimneys for solid fuel appliances [1Mb]

026  pdf icon Water tank supports [122kb]

027  pdf icon Garden walls [79kb]

028  pdf icon Difference in ground level [77kb]

029  pdf icon How do I apply for building regulations approval [84kb]

030  pdf icon Access statements [100kb]

031  pdf icon Unisex wheelchair accessible toilets [93kb]

032  pdf icon Safety glazing in dwellings [90kb]

033  pdf icon Certification and testing [91kb]

035  pdf icon Oil tank storage [76kb]

036  pdf icon Radon protection [94kb]

038  pdf icon Electrical safety [76kb]

039  pdf icon Safe opening and cleaning of windows [107kb]

041  pdf icon Double rafter collar truss 7m [105kb]

042  pdf icon Trussed rafter roof bracing 8m [141kb]

043  pdf icon Trussed rafter bracing 8-12m [152kb]

044  pdf icon Raised tie roof up to 5m span [85kb]

045  pdf icon Raised tie roof up to 6m span [85kb]

046  pdf icon Surface water soak away [126kb]

048  pdf icon Access for all [119kb]

049  pdf icon Technical changes M [87kb]

050  pdf icon Unvented hot water storage systems [127kb]

051  pdf icon Double rafter collar truss 9m [131kb]

053  pdf icon Resistance to the passage of sound [114kb]

054  pdf icon Quick guide to L1B U valves [133kb]

055  pdf icon Heat producing appliances [66kb]

056  pdf icon Rain water harvesting [171kb]

pdf icon Final guidance note on Part P [1Mb]

pdf icon Water Efficiency in New Buildings [165kb]

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