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Summons and Enforcement Actions

If a summons has been sent to you, the Magistrates' Court will be asked to grant a Liability Order. You will need to contact us immediately to discuss repayment options.

Please call us on 01507 601111, selecting Council Tax and hold to speak with an advisor.

After the Liability Order has been issued, if you do not contact us to make a suitable payment arrangement, we can use the following options to help us collect the outstanding debt:

Attachment of Earnings
We can instruct your employer to deduct a percentage of your pay and send it directly to us, until your debt is paid.  Your employer can charge you £1 for each deduction they make to cover their own costs.

Both you and your employer have a duty to keep us informed if you change employment.  Failure to provide your employment details, could lead to a fine of up to £1000.

• Information for employers - Guidance notes should be included with the attachment order. If they are missing, see the pdf icon Attachment of Earnings guidance for employers [54kb].

Benefit Deductions
We can ask the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to deduct money from your benefit payments. Deductions can be taken from Income Support, Employment Support Allowance, Guaranteed Pension Credit, Job Seekers Allowance or Universal Credit.

Enforcement Agents
If you fail to pay or do not make a payment arrangement, we can ask an Enforcement Agent to collect the Council Tax debt for us. We will always write to warn you that your account will be passed to an Enforcement Agent and advise you of their charges.  When a debt is referred you will incur an immediate fee of £75.00.

The Enforcement Agent may consider giving you time to pay, but you must agree to a satisfactory arrangement. If the Enforcement Agent allows you time to pay you will enter into a controlled goods agreement. This means they will make a list of goods in your house up to the value of the debt and their costs. You will be have to sign the agreement and there will be additional fees to pay. If you break the arrangement with the Enforcement Agent they will re-enter your property to remove those goods.

If your debt has been passed to an Enforcement Agent, please contact them directly to discuss payment.  We currently use the following Enforcement Agent firms - please check your documentation to confirm who your debt has been passed to.

  • Rossendales: 0844 701 3980
  • Jacobs: 0151 650 4800
  • Bristow and Sutor: 0871 677 0070

Bankruptcy and Charging Orders
If you owe more than £5,000, we can apply for you to be made bankrupt.  This could mean that your assets (including your home) being sold to pay your debt and the costs incurred by this action.

In certain situations a charge may be placed on the property you own.  This means that once the property is sold, proceeds will be used to clear your Council Tax debt.

Also see our Payment Problems page for further advice.

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