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Public Health Burials

Under the Public Health Act 1984 we can be asked to make arrangements for the burial or cremation of a person who has no family or other person who can undertake such arrangements.

When a Local Authority makes arrangements it becomes responsible for the person's estate. Any possessions may be disposed of in order to raise monies to cover the costs incurred by the cremation or burial.

Please note that when we deal with a deceased person under this legislation the only debt we settle against the estate is the cost of the funeral. If there are no relatives the case and a surplus of money is available the case is forwarded to the Treasury Solicitors office.

We use a contracted funeral director. If any person other than the contract funeral director is asked to make arrangements, we cannot be responsible for any costs incurred up to that point.

The department of Social Security also have a social fund which may be accessed by relatives of the deceased should you require help to cover the costs of a cremation or burial.

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