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Business Continuity Advice

We have a duty to work with local business and voluntary organisations to ensure that communities have the resilience to cope in emergency situations.

Putting in place business continuity arrangements for your organisation need not be a daunting task, but it will significantly improve your chances of survival in the face of a disruption to normal working. Also, by gearing up to deal with the major disasters, your business will automatically be better equipped to withstand the smaller day to day disruptions that we all experience.

What are the risks to your business? Could you continue to operate following? A fire?...A flood?...Theft or damage to essential equipment?

And how would you cope with...Loss of significant staff numbers due to a flu outbreak or strike?...A major power outage?

We can provide free advice to all local businesses and voluntary organisations, helping you to understand the risks you face and how you can prepare for and deal with unforeseen disruptions.

Please complete the online form if you'd like advice.

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