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  • Caravan Sites

    There are approximately 28,000 caravans in the District, the highest concentration in Europe. A number of sites are exempt from licensing by the Local Authority however approximately 300 sites are licensed by the Enforcement Section.

  • Information for Landlords

    Our housing advice service works closely with local Landlords to ensure they know their rights and responsibilities and can give advice on a variety of housing related issues.<br />

  • Land pollution
    • Contaminated Land

      Contaminated Land occurs where substances in, or under, the land mean that it is actually or potentially hazardous to human health or the environment.

    • Woodhall Spa - Contaminated Land

      This page is to keep the community and interested parties up to date with our work, and that of our partners, following the recent discovery of Mustard Gas in woodland at Kirkby Lane, Woodhall Spa. Our role (with partners) is to ensure the site, which is contaminated land, is safe for people and the environment.

  • Land searches
    • Brownfield Land Register - Part 1

    • Car Parking

      Local authorities must publish the following details:<br /><br />Parking account <br /> <br />1. a breakdown of income and expenditure on the authority's parking account. The breakdown of income must include details of revenue collected from on-street parking, off-street parking and Penalty Charge Notices, and <br />2. a breakdown of how the authority has spent a surplus on its parking account<br /><br />Parking spaces <br /><br />1. the number of marked out controlled on and off-street parking spaces within their area, or an estimate of the number of spaces where controlled parking space is not marked out in individual parking bays or spaces.<br /><br /><br />

    • Election costs, charges and expenses

    • Emma Bee

      Audit and Information Governance Service Manager (Head of Internal Audit)

    • Environmental Permits

      We are responsible for two pollution control regulatory regimes under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016.

    • Financial Statement

      Financial statement relating to the Building Regulations Chargeable and Non-Chargeable Account

    • Grants to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations

      Local authorities must publish details of all grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations <br />

    • Independent Remuneration Panel

      Local Authorities (Members Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003

    • Lincolnshire Prepared

      Lincolnshire Prepared demonstrates the strong multi-agency commitment to resilience in Lincolnshire.

    • Local Authority Land

      Local authorities must publish details of all land and building assets including: <br /><br />1. all service and office properties occupied or controlled by user bodies, both freehold and leasehold <br />2. any properties occupied or run under Private Finance Initiative contracts <br />3. all other properties they own or use, for example, hostels, laboratories, investment properties and depots <br />4. garages unless rented as part of a housing tenancy agreement <br />5. surplus, sublet or vacant properties <br />6. undeveloped land <br />7. serviced or temporary offices where contractual or actual occupation exceeds three months, and <br />8. all future commitments, for example under an agreement for lease, from when the contractual <br />commitment is made<br /><br />This information is published in our Property Asset Register.<br />

    • Local Land Charges

      We maintain a register known as the Local Land Charges Register and carry out searches of the Local Land Charge register. We also respond to applications for the Local Authority Searches submitted by solicitors and conveyances as part of the house buying process.

    • Organisation Chart

      Local authorities must publish an organisation chart covering staff in the top three levels of the organisation. The following information must be included for each member of staff included in the chart: <br /><br />1. grade <br />2. job title <br />3. local authority department and team <br />4. whether permanent or temporary staff <br />5. contact details <br />6. salary in £5,000 brackets<br />7. salary ceiling (the maximum salary for the grade).<br /><br /><br />In order to provide an efficient and effective service to you we divide our organisation into a number of Service Area Teams. You can find out more about our various Service Area Teams and their responsibilities in the documents on this page. <br /><br /><br />

    • Procurement Information

      Local authorities must publish details of every invitation to tender for contracts to provide goods and/or services with a value that exceeds £5,000 and details of any contract, commissioned activity, purchase order, framework agreement and any other legally enforceable agreement with a value that exceeds £5,000<br /><br />Local authorities must also publish details of their existing waste collection contracts.<br /><br />

    • Residential Park Home Sites

      In 2013, legislation was introduced which was designed to give greater protection to occupiers of residential mobile homes and enables local authorities to provide more effective enforcement action where required.

    • Temporary Event Notice - Alcohol and Entertainment

      If you wish to hold an ad-hoc event in England or Wales, you must give a temporary event notice (TEN) to your local licensing authority no later than ten working days before the event.

    • Trade Union Facility Time

      Local authorities must publish the following information on trade union facility time: <br /><br />1. total number (absolute number and full time equivalent) of staff who are union representatives (including general, learning and health and safety representatives) <br />2. total number (absolute number and full time equivalent) of union representatives who devote at least 50 per cent of their time to union duties <br />3. names of all trade unions represented in the local authority <br />4. a basic estimate of spending on unions (calculated as the number of full time equivalent days spent on union duties multiplied by the average salary), and <br />5. a basic estimate of spending on unions as a percentage of the total pay bill (calculated as the number of full time equivalent days spent on union duties multiplied by the average salary divided by the total pay bill)

    • Transparency

      In February 2015 the Government issued the Local Government Transparency Code 2015. Part 2 of the Code requires East Lindsey District Council to proactively publish, as a minimum, certain categories of information. <br /><br />This information includes Expenditure exceeding £250, Government Procurement Card transactions, Procurement Information, Local Authority Land, Social Housing Assets, Grants to voluntary, community and social Enterprise organisations, Organisation Chart, Trade Union Facility time, Parking account, Parking spaces, Senior Salaries, Constitution, Pay multiple, Fraud and Waste Contracts <br />

    • We know we have considerable challenges ahead but this should not stop us looking at innovative and ambitious ways of delivering services and advancing this district and county.

    • Zoos

      If you intend to operate a Zoo you will need a Zoo licence. A Zoo is defined as any establishment where "wild animals" are kept for the exhibition to the public, other than in a Circus or Licensed Pet Shop.

  • Landlords

    Information and practical advice for Landlords operating in East Lindsey.

  • Leisure and culture
  • Life in the community
    • Consultations

      We are committed to listening to, and learning from, those who live, work and spend leisure time in our District.

    • Independent Retailer of the Year - Clark Hearsey

      Clark Hearsey was established in 2010, when the partners bought out the Louth office of a local accountancy firm. We recognised that as a market town in a rural area Louth had a unique client base and we wanted to be able to tailor our service to suit, rather than have a head office dictating protocol.

    • Working for Us

      We believe work should be enjoyable, challenging and rewarding and we work hard to create an environment in which you are supported to achieve your potential.

  • Lincs2Advice

    Access to quality free advice and information in Lincolnshire.

  • Listed buildings
    • Conservation

      Our Building Conservation Officer is involved in a wide range of activities relating to planning, including the re-use of buildings at risk, development control and planning and policy advice.

    • Exempt Buildings

      The following is a brief list of buildings / work that can be carried out without needing to submit a Building Regulations application.

    • Listed Buildings

      The list of buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest is a register of our built heritage.

  • Litter bins
    • Additional/Larger Wheeled Bins*

      Larger bins are available if you produce healthcare waste, have two or more children in nappies under the age of four, or have five or more people in your family.

  • Local development plans
    • Adopted Local Plan 1995

      The East Lindsey Local Plan (ELLP) was originally adopted in 1995. It contains two parts. Part 1 contains the policies and the supporting text and part 2 contains various maps of the settlements. There is also an index to help you locate the correct map. The Local Plan guides development in the District.

    • Anne Shorland

      Planning Policy & Research Service Manager

    • Authority Monitoring Report

      Below you will find the Authority Monitoring Report.

    • Authority Monitoring Report

    • Emerging Local Plan

      The Local Plan will guide growth and development in East Lindsey up to 2031.

    • Local Development Scheme

      The Local Plan (LP) is the national system for spatial planning in England. It was previously called the Local Development Framework (LDF) but the name has now reverted back to Local Plan.

    • Neighbourhood Planning

      Residents can help shape the development and growth of their local area through the production of a Neighbourhood Development Plan, Neighbourhood Development Order or Community Right to Build Order.

  • Local government committees
  • Local government structure
  • Local Land Charges

    We maintain a register known as the Local Land Charges Register and carry out searches of the Local Land Charge register. We also respond to applications for the Local Authority Searches submitted by solicitors and conveyances as part of the house buying process.

  • Louth

  • Tourist Information Centres

    Details of Tourist Information Centres that we provide. There are other Tourist Information Points run by community organisations.

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