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Audio/Visual recording at meetings

Everyone is welcome to record our meetings using whatever, non-disruptive, methods you think are suitable.

If you have any questions about this please contact us. Please note that the Chair of the meeting has the discretion to halt any recording for a number of reasons including disruption caused by the filming or the nature of the business being conducted. Anyone filming a meeting is asked to only focus on those actively participating. Those attending meetings are asked to be aware that you may be filmed whilst attending a council or committee meeting and that attendance at the meeting signifies your agreement to this. Persons making recordings are requested not to put undue restrictions on the material produced - this is so that it can be reused by all local people and organisations on a non-commercial basis.

If the meeting moves into private session following a resolution to exclude the press and public, we are not required to allow any person from reporting the proceedings of that meeting using methods which can be used without the recorder's presence at the meeting.

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