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Excellence in Manufacturing

This award will go to a business that has utilised efficient/innovative manufacturing processes to develop excellence in manufacturing, producing products that enjoy significant market share and developing new products that create opportunities in new markets. Nominee's will be expected to show how their business has attained sustainability or growth through the use of excellent business/manufacturing practices.

The finalists for the Excellence in Manufacturing Award are:

  • Micronclean
  • MTAG Composites
  • Tong Engineering

Main judging criteria

A business of any age that exhibits characteristics of excellence in its field and is a shining example to other businesses of good management, adaptability and sustainability.

Evidence requirements

Can include any of the following:

  • Evidence of sales performance using data from the most recent accounts.
  • The nominee should be able to show healthy growth and that it has the potential to continue growing.
  • Nominees should be able to show that their markets are strong and, ideally, that there is growing demand for the kind of products the company produces.
  • Descriptions of new products (and why they were developed), examples of new technologies and what benefits they deliver, or descriptions of innovative thinking that helped the company to gain a competitive edge. Ideally, nominees should be able to demonstrate that such developments delivered quantifiable commercial/financial benefits or were met with a positive market response - e.g. new contracts won.
  • Any awards gained for specific products.
  • Evidence of product development that could have an impact on the market, manufacturing innovation and the use of technology - evidence that the company is prepared to invest in order to sustain growth - for example, by investing in new plant, vehicles or premises.
  • Long term sustainability in terms of its own operations and its products.
  • Employment training and benefits - lists of recognised courses and qualifications completed by company staff. Here, we are looking for evidence that staff training/mentoring plays a role in the quality of the finished products
  • Evidence of quality standards and monitoring - manufacturing high quality products and is applying recognised quality and safety standards to its operations / products. This might be shown by having gained accreditations to recognised industry standards, and/or through the results of independent testing.
  • Ideally, the company will be able to demonstrate that it is operating a recognised quality assurance scheme that helps to maintain quality and deliver continuous improvement.

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