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Livestock Market site, Louth

We have recently marketed the Livestock Market site in Louth as available for redevelopment. This was a repeat of the previous marketing exercise that took place in 2013.

At this stage it isn't possible to reveal the number of bids received, or the names of those individuals/organisations that have submitted bids. Anyone with an interest in the site could have submitted a bid for the site during the marketing exercise.

Following the initial marketing exercise in 2013, Council in July 2014 accepted a bid for the site from McLagan Investments Ltd C/O ASDA Stores Ltd, subject to contract and planning. That bid was subsequently revised and as a result the sale wasn't progressed.
The marketing exercise in 2015 was again undertaken by Chase and Partners.   

In 2016 Full Council will decide whether or not to agree to a sale of the site, subject to contract, for Best Consideration - to the highest bidder.

When Council met to consider the sale of the Livestock Market in July 2014, it requested that if a sale were agreed and planning permission secured for the redevelopment of the site, that a replacement Livestock Market be made available prior to the existing site ceasing to operate. Since December 2014, Architects have been working with us and the existing Auctioneers to develop initial plans for a new Livestock Market on the Fairfield Industrial Estate in Louth.

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