Accommodation Provider of the Year

Quality accommodation is a critical part of the visitor experience in East Lindsey.

This Award will celebrate the outstanding contribution accommodation providers make to the economy of the District and will recognise those businesses that provide guests with an unforgettable experience.  The award is open to all accommodation businesses: self-catering, guest houses and hotels.

Main judging criteria

  • Recognised quality assurance rating (20%)
  • Customer Service Satisfaction including any social media/website/trip advisor comments (30%)
  • Staff engagement and development (20%)
  • Improvements made in the last year to increase customer experience (10%)
  • Innovations in marketing strategy/plan/actions (10%)
  • Accessibility and green credentials (10%)

Relevant evidence to support nomination

  • Quality assurance ratings.  For example, Visit England or AA star rating, Green Tourism, Rest Assured, Breakfast Awards, Exceptional Quality, etc.
  • Reviews from TripAdvisor and social media
  • Testimonials from customers
  • List of improvements made to service or product offer and future developments plans
  • Evidence of innovative plans to improve marketing offer
  • Policy on Access for All and any actions resulting from it
  • Company policies on employee engagement and development; examples of how they have motivated staff to perform their best.
  • Financial records to show business sustainability

The evidence list above is not exhaustive.  Businesses are encouraged to send any other documents which will help support their nomination.