Claim Housing Benefit

If you are on a low income you may be entitled to claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support. Housing Benefit can help you to pay for part or all of your rent.

To claim online please use the Online Claim

To claim Housing Benefit you must:

  • be of state pension age; or
  • you live in specified accommodation; or
  • you are homeless and the council has placed you in temporary accommodation; or
  • you are entitled to a benefit with a severe disability premium, or have been in the last month and continue to be eligible; or
  • you are part of a couple, one of you has reached state pension age and you were in receipt of state pension credit (as a couple) before 15 May 2019.

If you are of working age and wish to claim help with your rent, you will need to apply for Universal Credit instead of Housing Benefit. This must be done online at You will still need to make a separate claim to us for Council Tax Support.

What you will need to claim Housing Benefit 

We will need to see:

  • proof of your identity
  • proof of your National Insurance Number
  • income and savings proof for all relevant household members
  • household circumstances

To find out if you are entitled to any other benefits please use the East Lindsey Benefit Calculator

View your benefit claim online

You can log in to e-Citizen to see

  • How much you are getting
  • How we have worked this out
  • When your next payment will be made
  • The date and amounts of payments already made
  • Letters we have sent you
  • Overpayments that have been billed to you


Paper versions are available from the related documents below, but this may delay you receiving a payment if successful

    Discretionary Housing Payments can provide extra money to help you meet your housing costs.