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Coastal LDO (Local Development Order)

The purpose of the adopted Coastal Local Development Order is to assist holiday parks within the defined Coastal Zone with their recovery from the economic impact of Covid-19 as well as encouraging the broader economic regeneration of the area.

We adopted this LDO on 9 October 2020 and when site owners or operators have passed through a short notification process(es), it will allow sites within the Zone to be open for holiday purposes at any time between 1 March to 5 January the following year.

This will be a change to many existing permissions that are permitted to operate between March 15 and October 31 in each calendar year ('the summer season').

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and central government regulation of domestic travel, the 2020 summer season has been very badly affected with holiday parks remaining closed. The economy of the Coastal Zone very largely depends upon the holiday parks and so their recovery is vital to ensure a recovery from the pandemic. The principal permission given by the proposed Order is to allow, for a two year period, holiday occupancy of existing and authorised holiday parks and seasonal accommodation destinations in holiday parks from 1 March to 5 January. In addition certain types of ancillary development and alterations (related to the Park in question) are permitted by the proposed Order and these are set out in Schedule 2 of the Consultation Draft.

The Legal Stuff

A Local Development Order (LDO) is a blanket grant of planning permission promoted and given by the local planning authority under a specific power (Article 38 of the Development Management Procedure Order).

Planning permission is granted within an area identified in the Order and for development of specified types and uses. An adopted Order removes the need for the submission of planning applications for those developments identified within it. The LDO was adopted on 9 October 2020 but it does not remove the need for consents under other legislation, such as The Building Regulations, Advertisement Regulations or caravan site or other licences for specific operations and activities on the site.

Using the LDO

Guidance on how to take advantage of the LDO is now available in the Related Documents box below shortly. In the meantime, to register your site as falling within the influence of the LDO, please send an email or letter headed 'Notification of Qualification' and include with it a plan or annotated aerial photograph to identify the site and list those planning permissions which show that the site is an authorised holiday park. Please send this to or write to the Planning Department at the normal Tedder Hall address. After it has been confirmed in writing that you are within the Coastal Zone and the LDO applies to the site, you will then need to send an up to date Flood Risk Assessment and Evacuation Plan which has to have been approved before you can take advantage of the extended season. These two notifications can be sent in one for which there will be a single fee of £116. Single submissions each require a fee of £116.

Other types of development are also permitted by the LDO but you will need to have approval of your 'Notification of Development' before you may commence building works. All the necessary guidance will appear in the box below shortly but do not wait to send you notification now or contact if you require any help. The maximum time period for approval of a submitted FRA/Evacuation Plan should be no more than 5 weeks, to allow minimum 21 day consultation; whilst the Notification of Qualification should be very much quicker

All of the correspondence between the MHCLG and the Council, including the request from the Minister of 20 October that the Council does not determine any of the LDO condition discharge applications, are available to view in the Related Documents box below.

Until at least the end of the current lockdown period, it is the Council's intention to comply with the Secretary of State's request that we do not determine any of the condition discharge requests that would enable the LDOs to be relied upon. However, the Council will continue to receive, consult on and process applications to discharge such conditions particularly those concerned with the safe evacuation of sites but short of actually determining applications to approve such plans.