Growth Team Key Contacts

Introducing the Growth Team

It's always useful to put a face to the name so here's the core members of the Growth Team. Other officers from across the Council also support the Growth Team when their particular skills are required.

Gary Sargeant

Gary Sargeant - Strategic Asset Project Manager  

01507 613020

James Gilbert

James Gilbert - Growth and Promotions Service Manager

01507 613415

Chris Panton

Chris Panton - Development Control (Planning) Service Manager

01507 613158

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Anne Shorland - Assistant Director (Growth)

01507 613141

Jon Burgess

Jon Burgess - Economic Development Manager

01507 613117

Edward Cox

Edward Cox - Senior Property Manager

01507 613021

James Makinson-Sanders

James Makinson-Sanders - Senior Economic Development Officer

01507 613111

Karen Edwards

Karen Edwards - Lead Tourism Development Officer

01507 613115