Lifetime Achievement in Business

This Award will recognise the business personality who best represents achievement and longevity.

The award acknowledges the winner's sustained achievements within the business community during a distinguished career. Eligible nominees are those who have been actively involved in the business community for at least 25 years by 2018.

Main judging criteria

  •  Active in the business community for 25 years or above (25%)
  •  Has shown outstanding leadership characteristics throughout their career and has inspired and developed others to achieve similar success (25%)
  •  Has achieved business excellence, evidenced through their business's profitability, competitive advantage, innovation, flexibility and customer service (25%)

Relevant evidence to support nomination:

  • Record of longevity in business community
  • Evidence of leadership credentials, achievements, etc.
  • Employee and customer testimonials
  • Financial records showing business profitability
  • Association with community groups/ charitable organisations

The evidence list above is not exhaustive.  Businesses are encouraged to send any other documents which will help support their nomination.