Vital and Viable Horncastle

Horncastle's Vital and Viable workshop took place on 19 September 2019.

The follow up meeting is planned for Tuesday 18 February at 6pm in Stanhope Hall to discuss the Institute of Place Management's report for Horncastle. Please email to book a place.

Feedback from the Chartered Institute of Place Management on Horncastle:

"Horncastle is an attractive place to live and visit. It is not facing the level of retail loss that larger centres are facing but it is definitely going through a challenging period. Town centres have to be adopted by their communities now to help them change. To introduce new uses such as leisure, entertainment, fitness, health, and public services into the heart of the town and so provide for the local community whilst making the most of their unique identity to provide a sustainable future for the town.

"Change takes effort. People need to be involved to make it happen. The enthusiasm of the attendees at the workshop was very promising but now they need to commit to working together for the town to take the action needed and make the town a success."

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