New Corporate Strategy sets Council direction to 2030

March 5, 2020

We have adopted a new Corporate Strategy - setting the Council's vision for East Lindsey to 2030.

'Looking to the Future' details the priorities we will focus our attention on over the coming years, with a clear ambition to ensure that all communities are given the opportunity to thrive.

Built on a strong foundation of evidence, and with input from local people, partners and Councillors, the strategy identifies how we will adapt as an organisation to operate in a modern world and how it will ensure our services continue to develop to address the needs of local people; as well as placing greater emphasis on environmental impact and climate change.

Our priorities to 2030:

  • Help enable a supply of homes that meet needs and aspirations.
  • Support our town centres to remain vital and viable as shopping habits change.
  • Adapt to meet the challenge of a changing natural environment.
  • Maximise healthy and active lives.
  • Create an environment that helps businesses to survive and grow.
  • Improve equality of opportunity across the district and in target areas.
  • Be creative in generating income to the council so that we can afford to continue delivering high quality services that make use of the latest technologies and focus on the needs and aspirations of residents.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Craig Leyland, said: "This is an ambitious strategy for East Lindsey and one the Council looks forward to delivering on with the Officer team at the Council and our partner organisations. 

"During the consultation on the development of this strategy you told us we needed to support businesses to help improve our economy and create better paid jobs; create more opportunities to encourage our young people to stay or come back to the area; and that you are concerned about the future of our market and coastal towns as shopping habits change.  You also told us that you want us to ensure all the places in the district look great for both residents and businesses. However, you also want to see us doing the basics well - recognising that many of our core services contribute to that 'bigger picture', as well as meeting your personal needs.

"Our intention is to be a District Council that does everything it can to ensure that all our communities are provided with every opportunity to thrive. This includes lobbying nationally on behalf of our area, engaging fully in the opportunities available to us through the Greater Lincolnshire economic partnership, investing in our own district where we think it will create interest and investment from others, and quickly progressing the modernisation of the Council's processes and accessibility. We think this outward looking attitude will help us to promote the district, and bring in external investment - be it from the private sector or from Government. This will help the district to prosper, as well as bring income to the council so that we can deliver more and better services despite the end of traditional government funding."

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