Coronavirus Act 2020 - suspension of evictions

We can help landlords and tenants experiencing financial difficulties during this time in order to prevent homelessness

Understanding the possession action process for tenants and landlords

Landlords must provide at least 6 months' notice period prior to seeking possession through the courts in most cases. There is non-statutory guidance available for landlords and tenants in the private and social rented sectors in the context of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

There is also guidance on the new Housing Possession Mediation Service for landlords and tenants undergoing possession proceedings.

The Governments temporary suspension of possession proceedings was seen as a positive measure however this could be resulting in tenants accruing significant rent arrears which puts them at risk of homelessness and letting agents and landlords at increased financial risk.

The Council's Housing and Homelessness service can help prevent people from becoming homeless by trying to resolve the core reasons that put the tenant at risk of homelessness. This can result in landlords not having to go through a lengthy and expensive process to end the tenancy. We expect there will also be a backlog for the courts to deal with creating longer delays.

If you have served a tenant with notice to quit or are considering doing so, we would be pleased to hear from you.

You can refer tenants with their consent to us online or alternatively contact us via email or telephone 01507 613135.

Also check the latest Government guidance for landlords.