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13 Orchards to be planted across Boston, East Lindsey, and South Holland this February to assist in Nature's Recovery

140 fruit trees are being planted this month across Boston, East Lindsey and South Holland by staff and volunteers as part of 'The Grow the Network' project to help promote wildlife and reduce carbon emissions.

Fruit tree orchards

The project has built on the foundations of last year's 'Bearing Fruit' project which saw 10 community orchards planted across East Lindsey in 2021. This year, orchards have been planted on 11 new sites across the Borough and Districts, with the orchard sites at Belchford and Wainfleet St Mary's being extended from last year.

Funding of £6,199.04 was awarded to South & East Lincolnshire Council's Partnership (which consists of Boston Borough Council, East Lindsey District Council and South Holland District Council) by Natural England's Nature Recovery Network Seedcorn Fund.

Fruit tree orchards
Deliveries of the fruit trees to communities across The Partnership began on the 4th February, but planting is still ongoing in some sites, with the aim of all the sites to be completed by the end of the month.

'The Grow the Network' project will help to support a wide variety of wildlife, particularly pollinators, and this initiative will contribute to building better linkages in urban areas to assist in the delivery of a Nature Recovery Network - a major commitment in the government's 25 Year Environment Plan.

The project will also help volunteers to connect with nature and help train them in new skills such as maintenance and pruning. The project will work with new and existing community groups to engage a wide cross-section of local people, promoting community cohesion and supporting a green recovery from Covid-19.

In addition, the sites will also play a contributory role in capturing and storing excess carbon from the atmosphere which aligns with Priority 3 of Boston Borough Council's Corporate Strategy to support positive environmental impact on the Borough, whilst also working in line with East Lindsey District Council Strategic Aim to reduce East Lindsey's carbon emissions and South Holland District Council's Strategic Aim to improve the quality of public spaces to be cleaner, greener and safer.

A joint statement from Councillor Paul Skinner Leader of Boston Borough Council, Councillor Graham Marsh, Deputy Leader of East Lindsey District Council, and Councillor Gary Porter, Leader of South Holland District Council said, "This project is a great way for our communities to socialise, build new skills and help improve our environment with orchards that everyone can benefit from. We would like to say a big thankyou to all the volunteers who have already helped bring this project to fruition."

The list of sites are as follows:

  • Glebe Field, Fulletby
  • Post Office Lane, Spilsby
  • Marisco Medical Practise, Mablethorpe
  • Community Garden, South Ormsby
  • Platform Housing, Wainfleet
  • Conlie Close, Alford
  • Harveys Way, Louth
  • Willoughby Road, Boston
  • Casswell Drive, Quadring
  • Vernatts Green, Spalding
  • Garfits Park, Boston
  • Belchford - extension
  • Wainfleet St Mary's - extension