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Council officials tour Palm Paper on special visit

Representatives from East Lindsey District Council and Lincolnshire Waste Partnership attended a tour around the paper separation plant where residents' paper and card is now being processed.

Palm Paper, in King's Lynn, is a waste paper sorting plant for the production of newsprint. The fully-automated sorting plant houses separately collected mixed waste paper from a range of collection points for sorting into newspaper and magazines. It solely processes mixed waste paper types collected separately to glass, metals, plastics and other materials.

Our members wanted to see how the company and its processes work in order to be able to help understand and educate not only themselves but their residents too, as separate paper and card collections have now been introduced to East Lindsey.

Councillor Martin Foster, Portfolio Holder for Operational Services at East Lindsey District Council said: "I was keen to go to Palm Paper and see the state-of-the-art facility and where our collected paper and card is now taken to. As portfolio holder for this service area I felt that it was necessary for me to not only see but understand the process of how this all works.

"To see how all types of paper and card is segregated mechanically was amazing. The technology and the processes in this plant were unreal to see working, and the fact that they can use our paper and card we no longer need, that our residents throw away, and sort and process it from raw materials to produce new paper was just incredible.

"And, did you know paper can be recycled up to seven times? It was an educational experience for everyone who attended and was just fascinating to watch the process from start to finish."