Altering a House

There are certain things that you can do to your house that do not require planning permission. This can include building extensions, putting up a shed, putting up a fence or building a wall. However there are many rules that control this.

We have an enquiry form to help you work out if you need planning permission for what you want do.

We will check all of the details on the form against the current regulations and do a full history search to check there are no limits on your property. When we have finished we will write to you to let you know whether you need planning permission or not.

The charge for processing your form is £72.

This form should only be used for changes to your house. It should not be used for commercial sites, farming, or new houses.

Helpful Links

The Planning Portal has a number of helpful pages that explain more about what you can do without planning permission.

You might be able to find some of the history for your property using the search pages in our E-planning section.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations Approval is also needed for many types of development. This is separate to planning permission. You should check with Building Control to find out whether Building Regulations Approval is needed for what you want to do.