Design and Access

We are always working towards getting higher standards of design for new development in the District. This is supported by national, regional and local policy.

To try and achieve this, some types of planning application must have a Design and Access Statement with them.

Design and Access Statement

A Design and Access Statement should be one of the first things that is done when deciding how to develop a site. It is used to list all of the things that might affect what it is you want to do. It should also show how your proposal will take into account all of these things.

The design of your proposal should be closely linked to the Design and Access Statement.


A Design and Access Statement should provide information about how proposals will complement and support the character of the local area.

A Design and Access Statement should show evidence of public consultation and engagement.  It should also outline how the needs of all members of the community, especially those with mobility or other needs, will be included in the design of a proposal.  Guidance on a Design and Access Statement is available in the documents section on this webpage.