What is a Completion Notice?

Completion Notices are issued on domestic properties, either new builds or those nearing structural completion.

Completion Notices are served when a property is considered as structurally complete or that remaining works can reasonably be expected to be completed within three months. Progress updates will be asked for from developers and owners and we may visit the site.

The Completion Notice will be sent to the owner at their registered or home address and will state the completion date. This is when the property is banded and enters the Council Tax list.  The property does not need to be structurally complete by this date. If the property is empty and unoccupied on this date a discount of 100% for up to two months will apply.

If you disagree with a Completion Notice contact us to immediately on 01507 601111 and select Council Tax to speak with an advisor.  If we cannot resolve this, you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service within 28 days of the Completion Notice being served.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can a Completion Notice be backdated?
A. No. The Notice and completion date must be with immediate effect or up to three months in advance of the property becoming structurally complete.

Q. How will the Completion Notice be issued?
A. Usually by registered post to the home address or registered address of the owner.

Q. I am unable to finish the building work by the completion date.
A. When setting a completion date, we cannot consider financial or personal factors. The property does not need to be structurally complete to be banded.