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Danelaw Multi User Path

We have completed the initial feasibility and business case development work to support the delivery of a new Multi User Path (MUP) through East Lincolnshire.

The study has estimated that the MUP has the potential to generate income of over £26m for the local economy over 30 years usage and following extensive consultation, 95% of the general public and other representative stakeholders were supportive of the idea. Sustrans also estimated that the MUP would cost over £8.5m to construct.

Following the initial feasibility works and business case, there are a number of additional preparatory works which would need to be undertaken before any physical development could take place. ELDC are currently working to identify a budget which can be used to undertake the next stage of scheme design as well as the larger scale external funding which would need to be secured to deliver and maintain the proposed MUP.