New planning measures approved for Woodhall Spa

October 10, 2018

The new measures include:

  • Article 4 Directions to remove permitted development rights for works which aren't in keeping with the preservation or enhancement of the conservation area. This means such works in the future would require planning permission, allowing neighbours, the Parish Council and others to make comments on the proposed works.
  • A Local Development Order (LDO) to give back permitted development rights for works that are sympathetic to the character of the conservation area; meaning proposed works, that meet the development specification set out in the Local Development Order, would no longer need planning permission.

The measures will come into effect on October 17, 2018 and they are being introduced after Woodhall Spa Parish Council approached the District Council with concerns about the impact of changes being made in the conservation area under permitted development.

A period of consultation was undertaken earlier in 2018 and following its conclusion, it was agreed at the Full Council meeting on October 10, 2018 that the Article 4 Directions and the Local Development Order should be adopted.

Portfolio Holder for Planning, Councillor Tom Ashton, said: "This is a landmark decision as we believe, East Lindsey District Council have become the first council to introduce a Local Development Order alongside Article 4 Directions. These new planning measures will help to preserve the character of the Woodhall Spa Conservation Area and crucially during our consultation we saw a large number of positive comments from local residents, in favour of bringing these measures in."

Chairman of Woodhall Spa Parish Council, Councillor David Clarke, said: "Woodhall Spa Parish Council supports the adoption of an Article 4 Direction and accompanying Local Development Order (LDO) for nominated residential homes in the Conservation Area (CA). We believe that this is first instance of an Article 4 Direction coupled with an LDO.

"The purpose of the Article 4 Direction is to bring under planning control development that was previously allowed under general development rights and is assessed to erode or even eliminate key characteristics of the CA.

"The intent is to not to "freeze time" or preserve at any cost. Woodhall Spa is a vibrant and developing community and the CA is a significant feature of the village. The CA must also be allowed to develop in a managed and controlled manner. However, the CA deserves protection from frequent and harmful changes which over time will erode, and have eroded, the distinctive appearance and character of the area. Neither order can be applied retrospectively.

"We support the LDO in "giving back" some rights directly connected to restoring these lost features. It is hoped that residents take advantage of the LDO to put back features such as railings and hedges."