Further £4,000,000 to save by 2019/20

In recent years we have faced and dealt with significant funding reductions from Central Government with more reductions on the horizon. In addition to the £6,100,000 of budget savings we have already made since 2010/11, we anticipate needing to deliver a further £3m to £4m in reductions through a combination of reduced expenditure and increased income by 2019/20.

In December 2015 we launched a four year Transformation Programme that identified a number of projects that if delivered would enable us to achieve the budget reductions required. 

Since the Programme was launched we've been working hard to deliver the projects identified and continue to seek other opportunities for more efficient working. Here are the headlines:

  • Delivered 28 projects from the Transformation Programme.
  • Made £1,000,000 in savings from the annual revenue budget.
  • Identified £600,000 in additional income for the annual revenue budget.

There is still a long way to go.

Over the next few years you will see us providing services in a different way. We will not be able to provide all the services we once could. Not all the decisions we make will be popular. However, at the heart of all decision making will remain an intention to do the very best we can for the people of East Lindsey with the money that is available.

Our focus remains very firmly on ensuring the Council provides its statutory services to the best standard it can afford, whilst ensuring support remains for the most vulnerable people living in East Lindsey. A key focus for our attention will remain economic development - including supporting businesses to create employment.

Icon for pdf Equalities Impact Assessment on the Transformation Programme [63.55KB]

The initial Transformation Programme was approved by Council on February 24, 2016.  The latest Transformation Programme, approved by Council on February 22, 2017, can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

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