Fireworks Advice

We have a range of information on Firework displays, whether you're running your own event or want advice on how to keep people and pets safe during firework season.

Fireworks are enjoyed by thousands of people each year and the popularity of fireworks for events such as weddings is growing, however in recent years irresponsible use of fireworks has led to complaints being made to the Environmental Protection service.

Under certain circumstances the use of fireworks may be considered as a statutory nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  We enforce this Act.

There is also the Fireworks Act 2003 and The Fireworks Regulations 2004, which offer further controls over fireworks. The Police are responsible for enforcing these controls.

If you are going to have a firework display and especially if it is outside the 5th November period we advise you to let your neighbours know.  It is also important to inform owners of nearby kennels or stables.