Footway Lighting Transformation Programme

We are during 2017-2018 upgrading our Footway Lighting to more energy efficient LED heads.

We have made a commitment to invest £694,000 to improve the Footway Lighting we own and maintain. Across the district we are responsible for 2,705 footway lights.

During the next 12 months we will be working with Harlite Installations Ltd to fit energy efficient LED lights to our columns saving around £110,000 in running costs each year and carbon emissions of 218,510 kg CO2e or 218 tonnes. These new light fittings will be 68% more efficient than the current light fittings.

The programme will begin at the end of April starting in Holton le Clay and moving south through the district. The programme of works is detailed on the document  Icon for pdf Footway Lighting Schedule [160.08KB], and this may be subject to change as we are continuing to talk to a number of Parish Councils who have  yet to confirm how they wish us to proceed in their area. The programme of work document will be updated on a regular basis to keep everyone informed.

In some locations, a concrete column supports the Footway lighting, if this is the case within your village then these concrete columns will be attended to at a later date and not within the programme of works schedule.

In some locations, the footway light may be attached to an electricity pole, known as a pole bracket fitting, if this is the case within your village, then these pole brackets will be attended to at a later date and not within the scheduled programme of work.

In order to achieve the required savings, our resources are focusing on the installation of the new LED lights. Any non-emergency faults and issues with individual lights will be dealt with when the Contractor visits the area to introduce LED lighting.

Faults that are reported after the Contractor has visited an area will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be attended to within an appropriate time scale. Where an LED light has been fitted the column will be clearly numbered to aid identification should a fault occur. The number will be black on a white background.

We are still responding to emergency faults. Emergency faults include columns that have been knocked over or are in a dangerous condition and likely to cause harm including; exposed electrical wires, column door missing, light cover hanging loose.

Faults can be reported by telephoning 01507 601111 or by email to, ensuring the subject line contains the words Footway Lighting.