Social media house rules

We want you to engage with us on social media, but we reserve the right to remove posts without notice when our house rules aren't observed. We may also block users without explanation if our guidelines are breached. To ensure our social media profiles remain tasteful, open and accessible to everyone, we ask that users do not post offensive comments or 'spam' links or images.

We will not tolerate aggressive, disruptive or offensive behaviour in our online communities. This includes posts that contain swearing or libellous statements. We reserve the right to remove any postings that break our basic guidelines.

Please do not use our profiles to:

Post offensive content. We will treat a post as offensive and delete it if it contains swearing, personal attacks or threats, or if it is libelous or discriminatory or seeks to harass in any way.

  • Advertise products or services, or share personal information.
  • Post the same message, or a similar message, repeatedly.
  • Post material which promotes or might be interpreted as promoting, a political party or parties
  • Post content copied from elsewhere, for which you do not own the copyright
  • Publicise personal contact information or infringe upon personal privacy
  • Impersonate another person, or an organisation that you do not represent.

Monitoring and responding

We monitor our main accounts in office hours from Monday to Friday. We read messages and will reply to them where appropriate, but we can't reply to every message we receive.

If you contact us requesting our help, we will try to assist you wherever possible. We will keep you updated about the progress of your request.

However, if your request is serious or urgent or we are unable to help you on social media, we will ask you to contact our customer service team directly. We are also unable to deal with requests on social media which require us to ask you for personal details.

If your request is an emergency and outside office hours, please contact us on 01507 601111.

Please do not rely on our social media profiles to raise concerns, as they are not continuously monitored and may not be the most appropriate platform to contact us on.

Likes, follows and shares

We carefully choose who we follow, like and share content from but we cannot follow, like or share everything requested or received.

We sometimes follow, like or share content we think is of interest or benefit to our residents and customers, but this does not mean that we endorse the originating person or organisation.
Please don't be offended if we don't like or follow you. It's important we remain impartial at all times, and often the reason we don't share content is because we feel it would impact on this. We have to be very careful that what we share isn't seen as us endorsing an opinion, organisation or individual.

Political comment

We must remain politically neutral at all times on social media, and we will not answer questions of a political nature. We ask you to contact your local councillor in the first instance if you have a political query.