Livestock Market site, Louth

On 11 October, 2017 we agreed to refurbish the Livestock Market facility in Louth and withdraw from the sale of the site.

Update - August 7, 2018

Initial improvement works to the outside of the Boars Head Public House have now been completed and we are now in discussions with a potential tenant.

We have also now submitted two planning applications for refurbishment of the Livestock Market facility. These applications cover the replacement of the building's roof, the siting of an external water tank and display of two new external signs.

Louth Livestock Market - Implementation of Full Council recommendations

Recommendation (11/10/2017)


Future Milestones

That Council instruct Officers to formally withdraw from the sale process with ADV partnership and that Council rescind the decision of 23rd July 2014 to provide a replacement livestock facility

ADV Partnership advised via Chase & Partners of formal Council Resolution on 13th October 2017.

None - recommendation completed.

That Council instruct officers to bring forward proposals for a necessary refurbishment of the existing Livestock Market facility in line with the

Councils Financial Procedure Rules.

  • Schedule of backlog maintenance and repairs identified by Technical Services. 

  • Update Capital Programme (Dec 2017).

  • Finalise specification of required works.

  • Bids to be submitted via electronic tendering process.

That Council continue to engage with Louth Market Auctioneers in order to agree terms to finalise a legally binding agreement between the Council and Louth Market Auctioneers (LMA).

  • Draft Heads of Terms drafted and sent to LMA on 30th October 2017. LMA invited to attend meeting to discuss terms with ELDC.

  • User clause agreed as livestock and, dead stock (machinery, etc) sale and auction, plus ancillary uses and animal collection centre.

  • ELDC Officers met with LMA on 13th November to discuss draft Heads of Terms.

  • The deadline for the lease to be renewed has now been extended by mutual agreement to the 30th, September 2018.


That Council agree to be supportive and to encourage stakeholders to engage with Louth Market Auctioneers to investigate ways in which the Livestock Market site could be used for a wider range of complementary activities in addition to the weekly livestock market operation in order to increase the utilisation of the site and the income derived from the site.

ELDC Officers met with LMA on 13th September 2017.

  • LMA to produce business plan on future use and intensification of the site under agreed user clause.

  • LMA to also look at submitting a planning application to extend permitted use of the site.

That in support of recommendation 4. Council instruct officers to review the footprint of the current Livestock Market site in order to explore potential ways in which the whole site could be better utilised. This is to include safeguarding the ex-Boars Head public house building for use /refurbishment subject to market demand.

  • Initial improvement works to the site completed.

  • Site has been marketed by Banks, Long & Co.

  • Lease with new tenant agreed.

  • Further improvement works to be undertaken to provide customer toilet facilities.