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Young Entrepreneur Award

This award recognises a young business person who is able to find new and innovative solutions to business problems and/or establish new products and services.This is awarded to a young individual (aged 18-30) running a business within East Lindsey who has demonstrated outstanding business success over the past year.

The finalists for the Young Entrepreneur Award are:

  • Emma Smith (Chuckling Cheese)
  • Megan Johnson (Potty about Pets)
  • Sophie Watkinson (do-dance)

Main judging criteria

A young person, who has demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit, is hard working, possesses strong multi-tasking abilities with good communication skills and is able to inform others of their ideas, talents and efforts.

Nominees need to demonstrate how they have shown an entrepreneurial spirit and how they aspire to be amongst the next generation of business leaders, transform the face of industry, create more jobs and contribute to the local economy.

Evidence Requirements

May include any of the following:

  • Description of the Young Entrepreneur's current (and past) business successes.
  • Evidence of their successful business performance.
  • Explanation as to why their performance is impressive when compared to competitors and peers.
  • Evidence to show they are a hard worker; possess strong multi-tasking abilities and good communication skills.
  • Demonstration that the successful business performance is sustainable in the long term.
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