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Your Environment

Climate change is an increasing concern for us all which requires urgent action to be taken. We have made adapting to meet the challenge of a changing natural environment a corporate priority.
We are responsible for the sweeping, litter picking and general cleansing of our land and public adopted highways, including emptying litter and dog waste bins and removing dead animals.
We are responsible for administering tree protection measures across the District and for protecting important countryside hedgerows. We also are responsible for the management of trees on our land.
We have spent more than 6000 hours clearing over 1200 fly tips in the last year. You can help to reduce this figure - See it, Stop it!
We maintain a number of parks and open spaces across the district, which involves cutting the grass, planting flowers, and trimming hedges.
We have a statutory duty to remove and dispose of motor vehicles abandoned on open land.
We maintain a Memorial dedicated to the memory of those involved in the Dambuster raids of the Second World War, which is sited at Woodhall Spa.
PSP (Paralytic Shellfish Poison) is a naturally‚Äźoccurring marine biotoxin produced by algae.