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Grounds Maintenance

We maintain a number of parks and open spaces across the district, which involves cutting the grass, planting flowers, and trimming hedges.

Grass Cutting

We manage all our grass areas which includes the monitoring of these areas for safety as well as grass cutting and general upkeep.

Grass is cut to varying specifications and heights at varying frequencies dependent on location, use and environmental impact.

Frequencies range from annual cut and clear regimes where bio-diversity is the main consideration, to weekly cutting where use demands it, or where a high visual standard is required. The clippings arising from cutting operations are not removed but in high amenity areas they are collected and composted. On occasions some unsightliness or nuisance is unavoidable but paths should always be left broadly clear of cuttings so as not to compromise their safe use.

Planting Features

We maintain all flower beds, rose beds, shrub beds, herbaceous borders, rockeries, hedges and trees within our parks and open spaces.


Hedges are generally cut twice a year in July and November with the first cut delayed until the majority of nesting birds have fledged. Each hedge in the July cut is still checked for occupied nests before commencing operations. Some sites have been identified as requiring an earlier cut than July for safety reasons and can be cut three times a year.

There is a large Canada Geese population in our Coastal Towns of Mablethorpe and Skegness