Street Cleaning

We are responsible for the sweeping, litter picking and general cleansing of our land and public adopted highways, including emptying litter and dog waste bins and removing dead animals.

Included within the Street Cleaning service are:

Adopted highway cleansing
Foreshore / Promenade and beach cleansing at Mablethorpe, Trusthorpe, Sutton On Sea, Winthorpe and Skegness
Cleansing of our parks, car parks, recreation areas and coach stations
Autumn leaf clearance from the areas mentioned above
Removal of dead animals from the areas mentioned above
Removal of dog excreta from the areas mentioned above

The service does not cover:

Areas of public open land within the District that are owned and maintained by other bodies (e.g. parish councils)
Private land
Unadopted highways
Birds, rabbits or squirrels from any area

Responsibility for cleansing / maintenance of private land and unadopted highways rests with the landowner.