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Community Orchards

In 2021, the Council worked with parish councils, local community groups and Platform Housing to plant 10 new Community Orchards across the District.

The project was made possible through grant funding awarded by Natural England's Nature Recovery Network Seed Funding East Midlands.

The new orchards are located at: Westgate Fields, Louth; Belchford; Mawson Gardens, Wainfleet All Saints; Grainthorpe; North Somercotes; Tower View, Horsington; Wainfleet St Mary; South Willingham; The Gatherums, Louth and Cromwell Place, Tattershall

A photograph of a green sign saying "Welcome to Westgate Fields Community Orchard".Orchards range in size from between 5 and 20 trees and are comprised of apples, pears, plums and gages - many of which are Lincolnshire heritage varieties. Local people are being encouraged to get involved with managing the orchards and training is being organised on how to prune and look after the trees.

Traditional orchards are a Priority habitat which means they are considered to be under threat and in need of conservation. Many orchards have been lost through being either dug up or neglected and this project is helping to create new habitat for the future. They are traditionally planted in a grid-style layout to enable maximum light and air flow through the orchard.

A further successful funding application to Natural England is enabling another phase - Growing the Network - to take place in early 2022 with further sites currently being identified.

If you are interested in volunteering or have a potential site to put forward to orchard or other tree planting, please contact