Key Contacts

This page contains details of our senior management. Please click on the relevant Officer's name to find out more about their responsibilities.

Image representing Robert Barlow Robert Barlow

Chief Executive

Image representing Alison Penn Alison Penn

Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director for Communities

Image representing Tim Leader Tim Leader

Executive Director for Economic Growth

Image representing John Armstrong John Armstrong

Assistant Director - Corporate Governance and Monitoring Officer

Image representing Adrian Sibley Adrian Sibley

Section 151 Officer

Image representing Victoria Burgess Victoria Burgess

Assistant Director - Place

Image representing Neil Cucksey Neil Cucksey

Assistant Director - Property, Business and Growth

Image representing James Gilbert James Gilbert

Assistant Director - Organisational Improvement and Development

Image representing Michelle Howard Michelle Howard

Assistant Director - People

Image representing Anne Shorland Anne Shorland

Assistant Director - Development

Image representing John Medler John Medler

Corporate Support Service Manager (Deputy Monitoring Officer)

Image representing Emma Bee Emma Bee

Audit and Information Governance Service Manager

Image representing Jonathan Challen Jonathan Challen

Public Protection Service Manager

Image representing David Postle David Postle

Wellbeing Lincs Service Manager

Image representing Jason Oxby Jason Oxby

Homelessness, Housing and Wellbeing Service Manager

Image representing Nick Davis Nick Davis

Waste and Markets Service Manager

Image representing Danny Wilson Danny Wilson

Neighbourhoods Service Manager

Image representing Duncan Hollingworth Duncan Hollingworth

Buildings and Property Service Manager

Growth and Promotions Service Manager - VACANT

Growth and Promotions Service Manager

Image representing Michael Reeson Michael Reeson

Kingfisher Park Development Manager