Planning Committee

The public are welcome to sit and watch the Planning Committee, however they must not speak or disrupt the meeting.

The members of the committee are presented with the applications on the agenda (which is published a week in advance). The members may discuss the application and will then make a decision with guidance from the Head of Planning. There is one Committee every 3/4 weeks and this will usually happen on a Thursday morning.

Application to Committee

The Head of Planning has powers given to him by the council. This lets us deal with about 90 % of applications within the department. This includes most householder applications.

For some applications a decision may need to be made by the Planning Committee. This can include applications such as:

  • more controversial applications where there are lots of objections and the officer recommends approval contrary to the Development Plan
  • where a District Councillor has called an application in to be discussed at Planning Committee, provided this is agreed by the Council's call in panel who consider requests from members that an application be dealt with at Planning Committee

Committee Minutes and Agendas

All the Committee minutes, agendas and reports are published in our online document library.

You can view the agenda for a committee 1 week before the day of the committee.

Speaking at Committee

If you want to speak at Committee please read the guidance notes, available online or from the planning department, before attending.

One person can speak for 3 minutes in support, the other can speak for 3 minutes in objection and a parish / town council representative can also speak.  Full details of the procedure is given under the documents list on this web page.