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Deciding Planning Applications

The Scheme of Delegation sets out who has the responsibility for deciding your planning application. This applies to planning applications such as Listed Building Consent, Advertisement consent and some other types of application.

We can give authority to a senior officer to sign off applications. The senior officer signs the application on behalf of the council. However it is still the council who issue the final decision. Around 90% of applications are dealt with under delegated powers by senior managers in the planning team.

Full details of how this works are set out in the scheme.

More difficult applications are usually decided at planning committee.

To be proactive to reach solutions on applications, where the principle of development is acceptable,  we will give 4 weeks only for receipt of amended details following consultation responses. If the details are not received in that period the application will be progressed to determination.

Furthermore if an application is approved subject to a section 106 Agreement we will only give 3 months from the date of resolution to approve, to enable  the agreement to be signed by all parties. If that is not possible there is a likelihood the application will be refused on the grounds of  it has not been adequately demonstrated that the mitigation measures necessary to make the development acceptable can be secured and therefore the proposal if approved would be contrary to paragraph 176 of the NPPF.