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Abandoned Vehicles

We have a statutory duty to remove and dispose of motor vehicles abandoned on open land.

This duty applies to private open land, however, there is no authority to remove a vehicle from private land if the owner of the land objects. With this in mind please note if you are reporting a vehicle that is on private land we will need written permission from the landowner before taking any further action.

A local authority may also refuse to remove a vehicle from private land if the cost of bringing the vehicle to the public highway would be unreasonably high.

Following receipt of notification of an abandoned vehicle, the vehicle will be visited and a 24 hour or seven day notice will be placed on the vehicle if it is deemed abandoned. After the expiry of the statutory period we will make enquiries with the DVLA and write to the last registered owner requesting that the vehicle is removed. If the vehicle is still in situ after a further ten days we will move the vehicle to temporary storage at the contractor's yard. On completion of all enquiries the vehicle may be destroyed.