Removal of Public Call Phone Boxes

Proposal by BT to remove 15 payphones from communities across East Lindsey.

Please see the attached copy of East Lindsey's draft decision in relation to the above proposal.


The Council has to submit its final response by 23rd January 2020, it is asking Town and Parish Councils affected and other interested parties to provide their final response to this draft decision (if they wish to make one) by Monday 6th January 2020, at 5pm.  Those responding are asked to identify the phonebox(es) their response relates to.


If responses could please be sent to or by writing to Paul Mitchell, Development Control, East Lindsey District Council, Tedder Hall, Manby Park, Manby, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 8UP. If you require further information please contact the officer named above on 01507 613162.