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John Henry Looney

CCB Member (Private Sector Representative)

JH Looney
Organisation and Role: Sustainable Direction - Director

Specialist areas: Climate Change, Environmental Projects, Sustainability

John Henry grew up in Tennessee doing environmental projects since 1975 and teaching mountain rescue to the US Marines. His PhD was on the Island of Rhum, Scotland, and he carried out early climate change research in Canada, before delivering a research project for the UNECE on acid rain at the Natural History Museum. He authored the UK's first Carbon Footprint for a coal fired power station at Bilsthorpe, Notts in 1989. He career has been helping companies and countries engage and reduce their environmental impacts across a wide range of manufacturing, food and energy projects in over 30 countries. He has returned to living in the Lincolnshire Wolds area due the quality of life here and is helping organisations transform their approach and become sustainable. He has also helped many Councils deliver projects and was the technical author of the DECC BIS report on the green economy and well as delivering Innovate UK projects. He is an Honorary Professor at the University of Nottingham, a Visiting Fellow at the University of Bristol, and recently an Associate Lecturer at the University of Lincoln. He has been on the Boards of several international charities delivering change and has a Diploma and Certificate in Company Direction from the IoD as part of the Chartered Director Qualification.