Vital and Viable Alford

Alford's Vital and Viable workshop took place on 18 September 2019.

The follow up meeting is planned for Monday 24 February at 6pm in Alford Manor House to discuss the Institute of Place Management's report for Alford. Please email to book a place.

Feedback from the Chartered Institute of Place Management on Alford:

"Many of the global trends that are impacting town centres will have only a minimal impact on Alford, but the ageing population, technology changes, and undoubtedly economic change may well. The workshop identified good things about the town as well as things people were concerned with. To respond to this means the establishment of a new process that can involve those who are concerned and want to make things happen - a town leadership group. This should be inclusive but comprised of people willing to make change happen. The size of the town and current trends makes major intervention unlikely but small-scale initiatives can make a difference.

"Look to build on things already existing and initiatives that people see as strengths. Think carefully about whether the trading hours of the town are serving the needs of the catchment or passing customers. Remember the added benefit of social media networks that can increase access to markets and customers and keep people informed about how Alford is changing."

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