We will investigate complaints concerning Health and Safety issues which affect employees, the self-employed and members of the public.

This service is generally restricted to issues at workplaces associated with the commercial sector for which we are the responsible Enforcement Authority for example:-

  • Retail and Wholesale Shops (including Tyre and Exhaust fitting Establishments)

  • Exhibitions

  • Offices

  • Catering Facilities (e.g. Restaurants and Takeaway premises)

  • Caravan Sites, Hotels, Guest Houses and Holiday Homes Providers of Consumer Services (e.g. Coin-Operated Dry Cleaning Establishments)

  • Premises concerned with Body Piercing (including Tattooists)

  • Entertainment venues

  • Use of Pleasure Craft on inland waters

  • Zoos and Licensed Animal Establishments (e.g. Pet Shops, Horse Riding Establishments (including Beach Donkeys), Dog Breeders and Cat/Dog Boarding Establishments)

  • Undertakers

  • Churches and other premises concerned with religious meetings

  • Childcare, Playgroup and Nursery facilities

Complaints will be accepted from people who wish to remain anonymous but the complainant should be aware that in such circumstances we may make judgement as to the authenticity of the nature of the complaint and we will not engage in subsequent dialogue concerning the findings of an investigation.

For further information please contact us.