Other Licences

We carry out the administration and functions for a wide range of licences (in addition to taxi, alcohol, entertainment and gambling licensing), which come under the category of 'Other Licences'.

Charitable Street Collections

You will require a street collection permit to carry out a charitable street collection within the East Lindsey District Council area.

A copy of our Street Collection Policy can be found below.

Charitable House to House Collections

A collection, which is conducted from door to door, requires a house to house collection permit. If the Charity holds a Home Office certificate of exemption then you only need to notify us of your intention to collect.

A copy of our House to House Collection Policy can be found below.

Competitive Bidding

A competitive bidding registration may be required under the Local Government Act 1982, if you are carrying out auctions. Application forms are available from our Licensing Team and must be accompanied by the current fee for a 5-year registration. If the proceeds of the auction are wholly or mainly for a voluntary organisation or charity then a registration is not required.

Street Trading

We have allowed and prohibited certain streets for the purposes of street trading. Where a street has been designated a prohibited street no street trading is allowed. In those streets, which are consent streets a specific street trading consent is required from us before trading is allowed. Some types of trade (such as pedlars and news vendors) are exempt from the restrictions.

Please note that we are under no legal obligation to issue a Street Trading consent.

Street Trading: Catering Unit Competition 2021 - There is currently only one 'live' consent for trading in a lay-by in the East Lindsey District - this is the lay-by on the A16 at Tut Hole near Spilsby. This street trading consent, for a catering unit in the lay-by, is due to be advertised to prospective applicants in 2021.

The existing consent holder was issued a consent (starting as from 2018) on the understanding that he/she would have to enter a competition (with all other applicants) for the consent when it is put out to the competition process in 2021.

We will be using a detailed scoring matrix to enable an in depth judgement to be made regarding each application received. The criteria will be along the lines of deliverability, food hygiene, litter control, aesthetic appearance, health and safety, noise control, etc. A major aspect of the scoring matrix will focus on healthy eating.

The competition will be run early in 2021 with our Licensing Committee (consisting of Councillors) determining the successful application for the site. If you wish your details to be placed on the mailing list for the 2021 competition please email the Licensing Team at: licensing@e-lindsey.gov.uk