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We receive, process and issue licences and notices under the Licensing Act 2003. More specifically we can give advise on how to make representation against a licence application and how to request a review of any current licence.
Clubs are organisations where members have joined together for particular social, sporting or political purposes - they commonly include Labour, Conservative and Liberal Clubs, the Royal British Legion, other ex-services clubs, working men's clubs, miners welfare institutions, social and sports clubs.
Application for a Premises Licence
An Animal Boarding Establishment is defined as any premises (including a private house) used to carry on a business of providing accommodation for other people's animals (dogs and/or cats).
Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018
Following a review this Council no longer operates a formal authorisation process for Car Boot Sales and Table Top Sales. We will normally allow a small number of sales per year at the same location without requiring authorisation - but you should note the comments below regarding planning consent, etc.
There are approximately 37,000 caravans in the District, the highest concentration in Europe. A number of sites are exempt from licensing by the Local Authority, however approximately 300 sites are licensed by the Enforcement Section.
If you want to collect money for charity in a public place, whether it's by collecting donations or selling goods, you must have a permit first. Applying for a permit is free.
The Council requires any premises or stall used for the holding of auctions and other sales by competitive bidding to hold a competitive bidding registration.
A Dog Breeding Establishment is defined as any premises (including a private house) used to carry on a business of breeding dogs and selling dogs.
The Gambling Act 2005 applies to casinos, bingo clubs, betting shops, amusement arcades, gaming machines, prize gaming, lotteries and other forms of gambling.
The purpose of the Occasional Use Notice notification process is to allow betting to take place on a track for a period of eight days or less in a calendar year, where no premises licence has been issued under the Gambling Act 2005.
A Temporary Use Notice allows a gambling operator to temporarily use a premise which has no gambling premises licence to provide facilities for gaming. For example, hotels, conference centres and sporting venues might be suitable for temporary use notices.
A gaming machine is any machine in which the winning of a prize is dependent on chance - a machine of this type is commonly known as a fruit machine.
Taxis and private hire vehicles play an important part in the country's transport system and they come in two varieties - the traditional hackney carriage (taxi) or a private hire vehicle (sometimes known as a minicab in certain parts of the UK).
How to complain about a taxi (hackney carriage), private hire vehicle or its driver. This webpage sets out information on how to feedback compliments and complaints about a taxi, private hire vehicle or its driver in the East Lindsey District.
You must apply to your Local Council for a licence to drive a taxi (hackney carriage) or private hire vehicle. To apply you must be able to work legally in the UK. You must also be a fit and proper person - which means your background and character will be checked.
The Local Government Association (LGA) has launched a national register of hackney carriage and private hire licence revocations and refusals. As the local licensing authority, we're responsible for adding basic details about drivers when we refuse an application or revoke their licence.
A Riding Establishment is defined as a business which hires out horses for riding or for riding lessons. This includes riding schools and those that hire out horses, trekking, loan horses, pony parties (where the ponies are ridden), hunter hirelings, polo/polocrosse instruction, pony hire and donkey rides.
You must hold a consent to stage a public performance of hypnotism for entertainment purposes. You won't need a permit if the hypnotism is for the purpose of scientific demonstration or research, or if you are only hypnotising yourself.
All persons who keep or train animals for exhibition must hold a licence with their Local Authority.
How to complain about a licence holder.
The Business and Planning Act 2020 was enacted by the Government in an attempt to restart the British economy due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Act introduced a range of new measures to help businesses to quickly adjust and adapt to the 'new normal'. The Act introduced a new Pavement Cafe Licensing regime.
A personal licence allows an individual to authorise the sale or supply of alcohol in connection with a premises licence or a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).
A Pet Shop is defined as any premises (including a private house) which is used to carry on a business of selling animals as pets.
A list of all premises licence (and club premises certificate) applications received in the East Lindsey District since 1st April 2023.
Do you buy, sell or collect Scrap Metal, or operate as a Motor Salvage Operator? If so you require a Site or a Collector's licence under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.
Sex Establishments require a licence under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.
A lottery is a distribution of prizes by lot or chance where there is no degree of skill involved, and the chance of winning is secured by a payment.
A number of streets and roads in the East Lindsey District are designated as prohibited streets for the purpose of street trading. Street trading, within a prohibited street, is not allowed under any circumstances.
If you wish to hold an ad-hoc licensable event in England or Wales, you must give a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) to your Local Licensing Authority no later than ten working days before the event.
If you intend to operate a Zoo you will need a Zoo licence. A Zoo is defined as any establishment where "wild animals" are kept for the exhibition to the public, other than in a Circus or Licensed Pet Shop.