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Car Boot and Table Top Sales

Following a review we are no longer operating a formal licensing process for Car Boot Sales and Table Top Sales.

Car Boot Sales and Table Top Sales are governed by Planning regulations, so it is important that organisers ensure that the location they intend to use for such an event does have the necessary planning consent in place.

Up to a maximum of 14 Car Boot Sales / Table Top Sales can be held per year without the need for planning permission, IF they are held on land that is not within the curtilage of any building, i.e. in an open field.

If the land being used does have buildings on, planning advice MUST be sought. Please contact the Planning department on 01507 613176.

We would encourage organisers of such sales to respect the spirit of the long standing Market Charters, which state that no Car Boot Sale / Table Top Sale should be held with 6 2/3 of a mile (10.72km) of a market on a market day.