Dog Breeders

A Dog Breeding Establishment is defined as any premises (including a private house) used to carry on a business of breeding dogs for sale.

You must have a dog breeding licence if either:

  • you run a business that breeds and sells dogs

  • you breed 5 or more litters during a 12 month period and sell any of the puppies

If you satisfy any of the conditions above it is likely you will need to apply for a Dog Breeding Licence. This licence is required by law under the Breeding of Dogs Acts 1973 and 1991, and the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999.

If you wish to apply for a Dog Breeders Licence please contact the Licensing Team on 01507 613522.

The Government has indicated that it will be changing the above licensing requirements - possibly later this year. The proposed new licensing requirements will require anyone breeding and selling three or more litters of puppies a year to apply for a licence. Further information on the proposed new licensing requirements can be found here:

Licence Fees

The current cost of a dog breeding licence, with this Authority, is £120.00. In addition, first time applicants will be recharged the cost of the vets inspection'.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must not have been previously disqualified under the:

  • Dog Breeding Acts of 1973 & 1999 from keeping a breeding establishment;
  • Pet Animals Act 1951 from keeping a pet shop;
  • Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 1954 from having the custody of animals;
  • Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 from the boarding of animals;
  • Animal Welfare Act 2006, section 34(2)(3) or (4).

Regulation Summary

Follow the links below to view the relevant legislation:

Breeding of Dogs Act 1991

Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999

The Breeding of Dogs (Licensing Records) Regulations 1999

Application Evaluation Process

To apply for a Dog Breeding licence, applicants must complete and submit an application form.

Applicants that have not previously been licensed to breed dogs at their current establishment must have the premises inspected by both a veterinary surgeon/practitioner and an officer of the Council. For those applicants that have previously been granted a licence to breed dogs, an inspection will be undertaken by either an officer of the Council or veterinary surgeon/practitioner, or both.

In determining whether to grant an application for a Dog Breeding licence, the Authority will take into consideration:

  • Whether the dogs have access to suitable accommodation at all times, with regard to the construction and size of the quarters, number of occupants, ventilation, cleanliness, exercise facilities, temperature and lighting;
  • Whether the dogs will be suitably fed, watered, visited and supplied with adequate bedding material;
  • That all reasonable steps are in place to prevent and control the spread of infectious/contagious diseases.
  • Whether appropriate steps will be taken to protect the animals in the event of a fire or other emergency;
  • That the dogs will be suitably cared for when being transported to and from the breeding establishment, i.e. food, drink, bedding, exercise
  • That bitches are not mated if they are less than one year old;
  • That bitches do not give birth to more than 6 litters of puppies each;
  • That bitches do not give birth more than once in a 12 month period.

Will Tacit Consent Apply?

We will aim to have your application determined within eight weeks of receipt of a valid and complete application. However, if we have been unable to determine your application in this time a licence will not be automatically granted due to public safety and animal welfare implications and therefore tacit consent does not apply.  This means you must wait for the Council to determine the application before any dog breeding can take place.

Failed Application Redress

Please contact Licensing Services in the first instance. An applicant whose application is refused can appeal to the local Magistrates' Court.

Licence Holder Redress

Please contact Licensing Services in the first instance. A licence holder who wishes to appeal against a condition can appeal to a local Magistrates' Court.

Consumer Complaint

If you have any concerns regarding a dog breeding establishment in the East Lindsey District please contact Licensing Services.

Register of Licensed Dog Breeding Establishments

This register is not currently available online but should you wish to see a copy please contact the Licensing Team using the contact details set out below.

The Licensing Team, East Lindsey District Council, Tedder Hall, Manby Park, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 8UP

Tel: 01507 613522

Trade Associations

PCT - Pet Care Trust

RCVS - Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

The Kennel Club