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Street Trading

A number of streets and roads in the East Lindsey District are designated as prohibited streets for the purpose of street trading. Street trading, within a prohibited street, is not allowed under any circumstances.

The Council has powers under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 to control street trading.  Under these powers the Council has designated certain streets as consent or prohibited streets.

A list of prohibited streets and consent streets can be found in the guidance leaflet at the bottom of this webpage.  All other streets in the East Lindsey District are not controlled under the street trading powers.

In those streets, which are consent streets a specific street trading consent is required from the Council before trading is allowed. Some types of trade (such as pedlars and news vendors) are exempt from the restrictions.

Please note that the Council is under no legal obligation to issue a Street Trading consent and currently we have no street trading consents available.

Street Trading: Catering Unit Competition 2022

There is currently only one 'live' catering unit consent for trading in a lay-by in the East Lindsey District - this is the lay-by on the A16 at Tut Hole near Spilsby. This street trading consent, for a catering unit in the lay-by, is due to be advertised to prospective applicants in 2022.

The existing consent holder was issued a consent (starting as from 2018) on the understanding that he/she would have to enter a competition (with all other applicants) for the consent when it is put out to the competition process in 2022.

We will be using a detailed scoring matrix to enable an in-depth judgement to be made regarding each application received. The criteria will be along the lines of deliverability, food hygiene, litter control, aesthetic appearance, health and safety, noise control, etc. A major aspect of the scoring matrix will focus on healthy eating.

The competition will be run early in 2022 with our Licensing Committee (consisting of Councillors) determining the successful application for the site. If you wish your details to be placed on the mailing list for the 2022 competition, please email the Licensing Team at:

Catering Units

When operating a catering unit there are several rules and permissions under the remit of other Council Departments and also Lincolnshire County Council with which you will have to comply. Firstly, you may require planning permission to site a static catering unit on land. If you require advice on planning matters then an Officer of the Council's Planning Team will be happy to give guidance (email:

With certain limited exceptions, all food premises (including catering units) are legally required to register with the Council's Food Safety Team. Again if you require advice on food safety matters then an Officer of the Council's Food Safety Team will be happy to give guidance (email:

Information on Food Safety can also be found on the Council's website here:

If you plan to site the catering unit on the public highway (in an area not covered by our street trading rules) then you may need to obtain the consent of Lincolnshire County Council, as the Highways Authority - contact details for the County Council can be found here:

If you are siting a static unit on private land, then you should obtain the consent of the landowner.

Late Night Refreshment

If you operate a catering unit after 11.00 pm (selling hot food and/or drink) you will require a Late Night Refreshment Premises Licence under the Licensing Act 2003. Further information can be found here:

Trading on the Foreshore

If you wish to trade on the beach / foreshore area of Mablethorpe or Skegness then you need to direct your enquiries to the Council's Property Services Section (email:

However, such consents are strictly limited and may not be available.

Further Information

If you require any further information or guidance, on the subject of street trading, please do not hesitate to contact the Council's Licensing Team by email: